User guide

Use of flow for test kit ordering

1. Test kit ordering.
Please order test kit on internet.
2. Confirm the items in kit.
Please confirm the items stated on user manual.
3. Fill in the consent form.
Please read the statements on consent form and fill in necessary information on the form.
4. Kit registration.
Please refer to below for detail instructions.
5. Collect test sample.
Please follow process stated on user manual to collect test sample.
6. Please use the return envelope with the test kit and consent form, then send back to us.
7. Once we receive your test sample, we will start to analyize it.
8. Review the test results.
You can review the test results via paper (if you order it), browser on personal computer or smartphone.
* The way to review test results will depend on test kit.

Kit registration

1. Go to GeneLife Asia web site then click on "MYPAGE".
2. Please sign up and click on agreement check box, then click on signup button.
3. After a moment, you will receive confirm email. Please click on the link provided in email.

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* Please keep your ID and password in safe place.

4. You will be brought to "LOGIN". Please input ID and password.
5. Please provide the kit ID number and security code, click on agreement check box, then click on connect button. You are set!

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Please note:

The information to be sign up must be the same content as you fill in the consent form.
We will send notification when the test results are ready or other status to the registerred e-mail address.
Same mail address can not be used in different accounts. Duplicate registration such as registering the same email address for family or re-registering with the same email address when you used in the past are not allowed. Please be careful when registration.
We will send you a confirmation email as "Please confirm your email address" after registration.
If you do not receive the email, there might be a possibility of incorrect registred information therefore our system can not send email to you, or the email was treated as spam or blocked by your email system. Please make sure your email system will accept emails from "@" in advance.

If you have anything uncertain, please email us at or call us!

Support dial 036776890c3cf706ea36cc580592654e963f9f983005b297b3b3473f23767444