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  • A comprehensive analysis of 360+ test items

    GeneLife Genesis 2.0 icon

    GeneLife Genesis 2.0

    From potential disease risks and lifestyle related conditions, abilities, physical traits and much more, Genesis 2.0 is our newest and most comprehensive test kit, designed to analyze your DNA for more than 360 test items.

  • Discover what makes you unique

    GeneLife Myself 2.0 icon

    GeneLife Myself 2.0

    A unique approach to understanding your personality and abilities, combining genetic testing and psychological research, Myself 2.0 is designed to help you identify and explore the personality and character traits and make you, YOU.

  • DNA ancestry test designed for Asians

    GeneLife Generations icon

    GeneLife Generations

    Take a personal journey through time to learn about your unique ethnic composition and discover geographical insights from your family’s migration history. Generations is our ancestry DNA test kit that has been specifically developed for Asian populations.

  • Achieve your diet and body transformation goals

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    GeneLife Diet

    Find out what your DNA reveals about your metabolism, genetic diet type and learn invaluable tips to improve your nutrition and diet, all personalized to your unique genetic makeup.

  • The secret to great skin is in your DNA

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    GeneLife Skin

    With the Genelife SKIN genetic testing kit, find out what your DNA reveals about your skin's traits and learn how to take better care of your skin.

  • Ace your fitness goals

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    GeneLife Sports

    Identify your muscle type to discover the type of sports that suits you best and receive tips to optimise your workout routine and nutritional intake.