Genetic testing provider check list

Test results are not meant for or to replace doctor's diagnosis.

GeneLife test results are not diagnostic nor for medical use, and are not meant for or to replace any current or previous diagnosis made by a physician. If you have been treated by a doctor or will be treated by a doctor in the future, please give priority to guidance of your doctor.

Explanation of GeneLife test results based on solid scientific evidences (research papers and our own research results).

In recent years, genetic testing has attracted attention from consumers from various ways, along with sophistication of genetic analysis technology and lowering of test costs. Applications are expanded to preventive purposes and medical diagnosis. By promoting the use of genetic testing in the future, it is expected that individuals will be able to select safer and more effective pharmaceuticals and treatment methods to get useful health information by themselves.
On the other hand, even though genomic information has already been deciphered by more than 80%, genetic testing is still a developing field and it is at the accumulation stage of research results. Therefore, scientific evidence may be insufficient. At our company, Genesis Genetics Laboratory focuses on the items in next section to select genes for diseases analysis and discloses it with the research papers.

  • 1. Subject group: East Asian and Japanese as scientific basis.
  • 2. Paper title/author/year of publication.
  • 3. Evaluation result of reference papers.
  • 4. GeneLife Database and genetic tests performed.

Although we are trying best practices from all angles to evaluate the validity of scientific evidence as a leading company in the genetic field. Genetic research that represents individual differences has only a history of a few decades. Since it is a developing field, there are cases where reproducibility is low, so please understand that the information obtained from the analysis results might be limited.
In addition, we only provide analysis results of genes as a service, so please do not consider the results as medical information.

Explanation of where to look for genes information.

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GeneLife test results provide genes and related information as details of each test item. Please check the test items of each genetic testing kit.

We provide consent forms for your application.

Test results show a general trend among people having the same genetic characteristics.

We use odds ratio for risk assessment. The odds ratio is a numerical value that represents the probability that a person with the same genotype as a disease develops, and it can be said that the risk is higher as it is larger than 1.

Regarding to providing genetic information to third party.

From the time of its establishment, our company has not provided any genetic information to third party. There is no plan to do so in future as well.

Please read the descriptions closely before testing, then confirm the contents on consent form to proceed with testing.

When applying for testing, we only analyse the kit when you confirm, agree and consent on our web site to the genetic test as per our Term of Service and Privacy Policy.

Statement of complying with the guidelines of personal genetic information protection by
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan.

We comply with "Standards for companies dealing with personal genetic information" established by "NPO Individual Genetic Information Handling Association".

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Explanation of where the gene is tested and the name of institution.

Our genetic testing are analyzed at Genesis Genetics Laboratory.

Address: Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6126, JAPAN.

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