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Total Number of Analyses


This is the total number of genetic analyses that have taken place at our company to date.

From our direct-to-customer brand and product series "GeneLife®︎" to
utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Micro-Array and PCR.
We, at Genesis Healthcare offer services to assist in research for "Precision and Preventive Medicine",
diagnostic studies for medical institutions, pharmacogenomics and other medical and academical studies.

What people say

  • I am absolutely astonished at how detailed it was!

    Elaine. S
  • I’ve always believed that knowledge is power and I love tools that help me understand myself better!

  • These test results have helped me learn more about myself so i can make the necessary adjustments to my diet and lifestyle in order to maximise my potential.

    Faye H
  • Words like Genetics, DNA and so on might sound a little overwhelming but with Genesis 2.0, it's so easy to discover about your DNA via a simple cheek swab or saliva swab.

  • Cool design and very functional app! All the info are presented with clarity and within a useful and modern UI.

    Pand. D
  • Like the app design and articles for reading purposes - it is very informative. It's also nice to have my report on the app as well as I do not need to keep logging in to the website when showing my report to friends/family. Look forward to more content for reading!

  • Makes it really simple to now pull out my results wherever I go especially when I go for a medical checkup. Loving the nice clean interface too, looking forward to more updates

  • Very insightful, results easily available at any time and educational content around genetics and the areas influenced by it

  • I really enjoyed this genetic testing. It truly lends a deeper insight into my body and offers me the chance to better my health by identifying gaps I can zero in on.

  • It’s non-invasive and i only need to provide a saliva sample, to find out more about myself! It’s amazing how a saliva sample can provide me with details on my health related matters, lifestyle, skin type and even my muscle type!


GeneLife's genetic testing services are brought to you by Genesis Healthcare Asia:
a leader in genetic testing and research from Japan

Over 1,280,000 customers have chosen GeneLife to analyse their genes,
so they can learn more about themselves and make the right lifestyle choices to better manage their health and wellness.

GeneLife is CPIGI* Certified

GeneLife's genetic testing services has been certified in Japan by the Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information (CPIGI) as being compliant with CPIGI standards.

*CPIGI is an independent non-profit organization that reviews companies on their compliance with the CPIGI standards in providing accurate genetic testing services and in handling individual genetic information. Certified companies can use the CPIGI certification mark in recognition of their compliance to the CPIGI standards.