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GeneLife does not conduct testing for the following Diseases.

GeneLife® genetic tests items offered directly to the consumers are selected on the fundamental basis of protecting consumer health and safety and/or in compliance to Japanese Health Guidelines, and/or in accordance with Genesis Healthcare Ethics Committee Consumer Safety and Health directives. Based on these accords, GeneLife does not offer genetic testing for Genetic Diseases or Disorders that

1. Considered incurable and/or lacks medical treatment.
2. Result in severe psychological stress.
3. Psychiatric diseases such as Alzheimer Disease in which the underlying causes or medical prevention is still not concrete.
4. Recessive Disorders or Mendelian Diseases.
5. Genetic Testing that are Diagnostic in nature.

GeneLife Policy for Data Security and Storage

Operating under the METI genetic research and testing guidelines (formulated in 2007), and adhering to the Privacy Laws of Japan, your genetic information will be stored with top level security 24 hours/365 days at our onsite laboratory. To ensure confidentiality, samples are also barcoded to insure that only you will have access to both your personal information and genetic information. GeneLife users will have access to their results for 3 years from the time the test results are viewable online. Customers can also write to us to request eradication of their genetic data from our database. In that case, GeneLife will not be able to offer future services.

Testing Accuracy

GeneLife is operated by Genesis Healthcare Co., the leading genetic testing and research facility in Japan with 20 years of experience testing. Over 1,650,000 samples have been tested to date. All our tests are conducted at our in-house laboratory using the most advanced equipment by our Licensed Laboratory Technicians and Genetic Specialists. In providing test results for GeneLife Genesis, microarray chips have been customized through our research primary to accommodate Asian genetic profile have been developed. Although the testing accuracy varies based on the quality of the DNA that is received from customers, we have over a 98% success rate in providing accurate results.

Scientific Discovery and Validation

Despite the increasing demand for genetic testing for preventive or diagnostic purposes, genetic research is still in its infancy stage in terms of Scientific Discovery. Currently, it is widely known that roughly 80% of the genome’s function has been decoded, thus, there are still limitations in the information offered. Under such limitations, GeneLife has incorporated internal guidelines to ensure our customers receive the most updated information and results available today. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Ethnic Background: We check for scientific proof available for East Asians (Japanese, Han Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese) and/or Far East Asians (Malaysian, Singaporeans, Indian, Indonesia, Philippine) and noted by providing a reference for population availability.
2. Academic Papers and Research Papers are available for the disease and most recent.
3. Evaluation of Scientific Proof is assessed by our Genetic Research Team, a group of PhDs who have earned their doctorate degree in Genetics.

As the leading company in Asia for Genetic Testing, Genesis Healthcare adheres to providing Best Practice in a rapidly changing environment. However, please be cautious that new findings may result in the change, addition, or omission, of genes which may affect the risks that are currently made available. Thus, customers should be aware that GeneLife test results are limited in its current capacity, and that it may not without validation or replication in the future. Furthermore, please be advised that GeneLife tests are not diagnostic in nature and should not be used to diagnose or to replace any medical assessment made by a medical professional.

Social Responsibility

As the leading company in the genetic and healthcare field, Genesis Healthcare Co. believes in the importance of being a responsible and integral part of the advancement of Genetic Technology and Science. We have/are engaged in sponsored research programs for Alcoholism, Learning Disorders, Population Genetics and Gene Therapy. Through our efforts, we hope to provide a better world by promoting treatments for those that are most vulnerable but currently without effective medical treatment. We strive to work at decreasing the genetic disorders in the world by 50% by the year 2030.

Genesis Healthcare is also active in charity programs to help the disadvantaged focused in providing better healthcare of children to those in need. As part of our charity program through Genesis Medical Clinic, we have assisted financially disadvantaged children from overseas to seek advanced medical treatment in Japan for the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions that require emergency care.

Cancellation Policy

We will accept cancellation of your order before the kit is shipped (defined as prior to an email shipment notice is sent to you). If the kit is already shipped, we will accept cancellation and offer you a full refund within 8 days after you have received it. If you wish for full refund after the kits have arrived, the kits must not be opened or used and returned to us at your charge. We will cancel your credit card purchase only when we receive the kit and verified that it has not been used. It will be your responsibility to bear the shipping fees. If there is damage or missing part in the kit, it will be the responsibility of customer to report to us within 8 days in order to qualify for a kit replacement.

Any refund or cancellation will not be accepted after 8 days of you receiving the product.

If you order and purchase our products through a third-party e-commerce platform, the Cancellation Policy of each platform will prevail. For more insight, you may want to read and understand the Terms of Service of each platform:

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Genesis Healthcare reserves its right to remove or add new third-party e-commerce platforms from time to time in its sole discretion. In such a case, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of such third-party e-commerce platforms prevail.

If you order and purchase through a third-party e-commerce, you agree to defend and hold harmless Genesis Healthcare Asia, our employees, contractors, successors and assigns from any liability arising out of the use of these third-party e-commerce platforms.

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