Knowing genes.
Knowing true self!

Showing two perspectives of "environmental factor" and "genetic predisposition" for you to compare between "current personality" and "natural personality".

After long effort, GeneLife® was granted by Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information(CPIGI)to provide genetic test for consumer. CPIGI Certification was granted to company complying with CPIGI requirements.

Target age
  • 0 year old or older
  • 18 years old or older
Test period
  • One month
  • 2-3 weeks
Report review
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  • You understand that information you learn from GeneLife is not designed to independently diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease or to ascertain the state of your health in the absence of medical and clinical information.
  • Resale to thirty-party is strictly prohibited.
  • 1 kit can only be used for a person. If you want to use it with your family, please purchase the kits based on the number of people.
  • Approximate shipment will take 3 to 5 business days.

$470 SGD

GeneLife Myself2.0 is here!

Know true self from your genes. GeneLife Myself2.0, a self genetic test kit specialized in personality and characteristics,
based on latest researches and references to provide the analysis result.
Total 87 test items to determine trends such as personality, constitution, and characteristics.

About GeneLife Myself2.0

Genetic test kit, GeneLife MySelf2.0 from Genesis Healthcare, analyzes personalities and talents from genetic studies and psychologic analysis from most creditable Big Five personality traits. It is the only genetic service for you to know true self.

Self-analysis genetic test kit analyzes your present state with fice elements of "sociality", "cautiousness/delicacy", "diligence", "cooperativeness", "openness/culturality" from "environmental factors" and "genetic predisposition" perspectives. From the results of 60 questions of personality analysis and genetic test, you can compare whether your current personality is closed to the natural personality?

* Please understand the analysis of environmental factor and genetic predisposition is only for comparison purpose. It is not intended to make comprehensive judgement by each result.
* Please understand in GeneLife Myself2.0, only the test items related to above five elements will be analyzed, not all test items apply to 5 elements.

$470 SGD

GeneLife Myself2.0 features

1. Total 87 test items are analyzed.
2. Apply to Big Five personality traits.
Your personality and constitution or characteristics are distributed into 5 categories: "personality", "communication", "ability", "constitution", "diet/nutrition".

Flow of Use

Collect the saliva at home and return the sample to us, then the result will come to you after a period of time.

  • Purchase GeneLife Myself2.0 from internet.

  • Read the consent form and user manual closely. Keep note of necessary items. Register information on web site.

  • Collect the saliva till required volume.

  • Insert the concert form and test sample into envelope included in the kit, then return that envelope to us without shipping cost.

  • After receiving the test sample and consent form, test result will be provided around one month. We will send email to notify you to review the result from mypage on website.

About genetic test

What is gene?

Gene is a blueprint of a human.

Your genes are the footprint of who you are. Humans are known to have approximately 26,000 genes. Each gene is made up of a special protein material called DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid), which translates genetic information necessary to sustain function and life. DNA is comprised of 4 amino acids/base letters; Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G) and Cytosine( C) in sequential order. We inherit the DNA codes, or sequence, from both our parents, thus, this is why we resemble them.

What is the fifference between gene and DNA?

If gene is the "footprint", then DNA is the "paper and ink".

Gene, the footprint of life, is the paper that ink is written on. DNA, therefore, is the ink or the unique handwriting of each person.

What can I learn from genetic test?

Genetic Researchers have started to identify which genes affect the onset of lifestyle diseases.

Thus, a Genetic Test will allow you to understand which diseases you are at genetic risk of developing in the future. Of the Genes that are already mapped, it is known that each individual has a 0.1% difference in the sequence. Since the genes do not change during one’s lifetime, you need to only test once. You can make better lifestyle choices based on your risk profile.

GeneLife Policy

We do not test on intractable diseases or mental illness.
Such as Behcet disease and other intractable diseases, or severe phychiatric disorders, we are not tend to increase anxiety of customer.
About the management and storage system of genetic information.
All test samples will be managed by ID number only without customer information.
Highest level of analysis quality.
We operate our own laboratory and analysis center with the latest and cutting-edge analytical equipment to provide the best quality.
About scientific references.
As leading company in genetic field, we evaluate the validity of scientific references and look for best practices from different angles.
Contribution to society.
We are dedicated to contribute the development of genetics.

More details

For future and better lifestlye

Gene and Life (or Live), combining as Genelife, mean to propose a lifestyle suitable for your genes. Human DNA has not changed for as long as 50,000 years, but our lifestyle is changing daily due to environmental and other factors. For example, in times when adequate ingestion of nutrition is difficult, thrifty genes programmed to save nutrition as fat in advance of metabolism, now turn into the concept of obesity gene, which is advantageous for survival.  GeneLife focus on using the technology of genetic analysis, to understand the inherited constitution when you were born and learn the relevance of the environment surrounding you, to propose a lifestyle to live healthy and happy from genetic level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do genetic tests tell me?

You can find out about your own constitution and the diseases that are likely to take place in the future. After we know the genetic risks, we can take appropriate precautions early on by reviewing our lifestyle.

How do I prioritize your advisements comparing to health check and medical report?

GeneLife test results are not diagnostic nor for medical use, and should not replace any current or previous diagnosis made by a physician. If you have been treated by a doctor or will be treated by a doctor in the future, please give priority to your doctor's guidance.

Will my genetic test results change over time? Do I need to take the test again?

Your DNA does not change during your lifetime (except under extreme circumstances), thus you need to take the test only once in your lifetime.

I am pregnant now, can I take the test?

You can take the test and it will not affect the result. Your DNA will be analyzed by spitting into a test tube, and your DNA results will not change due to your pregnancy. There is no harm to the child.

How do you preserve or manage personal genetic information and personal information?

We have implemented a thorough system to keep your personal genetic information and personal information in safe. According to regulation in Japan, personal genetic information is managed under the Personal Information protection law. We are a business operator handling personal genetic information, and the handling of personal genetic information and personal information is regulated by guideline from Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry (*1) and complied with the standards from CPIGI, non-profit organization, to ensure the accuracy of personal genetic information, safety management procedure, supervision from operators, and contractors. The customer analysis data is stored for one year from the time of the result delivery, so the result can be viewed at any time during that period. If you request to delete personal genetic information and personal information after the testing, we will follow your request as well.
*1. Guidelines for the protection of personal information in business fields using personal genetic information in the economic and industrial fields (Decision on Dec. 17th, 2004 and revision on Mar. 29th, 2017).

GeneLife Product Comparison Table

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GeneLife Genesis2.0 GeneLife Myself2.0 GeneLife Diet GeneLife Skin GeneLife Metabo GeneLife Sports
Targeted gene About 1,400 Gene Polymorphism from around 360 items. Above 150 Gene Polymorphism from 87 items. 3 genes. 3 genes. 2 genes. 1 gene.
How to get the kit Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user. Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user. Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user. Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user. Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user. Product purchase only, no need to sign up as paid user.
Test period About 4 weeks. About 4 weeks. About 2-3 weeks. About 2-3 weeks. About 2-3 weeks. About 2-3 weeks.
Other diseases          
Skin care        
Muscle types          
Price $470 SGD $470 SGD Paper report included $95 SGD Paper report included $95 SGD Paper report included $95 SGD Paper report included $95 SGD
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Web and SP

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  • *1 Customer under 18 years old requires consent from parental or legal representative.
  • *2 Resale to thirty-party is strictly prohibited.