Take a personal journey through time to discover and learn where your ancestors lived generations ago

  • Discover your unique ethnic mix
  • Unfold geographical insights from your family’s migration history
  • Interactive app experience

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Your GeneLife Generations Journey


To get started, you will be sent the GeneLife Generations test kit right to your doorstep once you have placed an order via the web or our app. Once you submit your saliva sample to us, your report will be generated 4-6 weeks later.


Upon receiving your report, get ready to start on your journey of discovery! From ethnic mix to migration patterns and more, this is going to be an exciting and interactive app experience like no other.

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Apart from GeneLife Generations, enhance your DNA journey by discovering our suite of health & wellness kits on the app that will provide you with a wealth of information and benefits!

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Data privacy is managed in total transparency, through your consent during registration and accesible any time in your account settings.

Ethnic Mix

We have all been curious about our ethnic mix, what makes us so unique. With GeneLife Generations, discover this through a carefully curated percentage chart that will reveal the various ethnic groups you belong to!

Migration Map

Our ancestors have travelled across the globe, looking for a place to call home and adapting to the environment around them. With the migration map feature, you will be brought on a journey through time to get a view into how your ancestors moved thousands of years ago.

Getting Started

Place your order

Order the GeneLife Generations test kit from the comfort of your home via our online store or GeneLife app. We'll deliver the test kit right to your doorstep.

Collect your sample

Read the instructions in the user-guide to help you with your kit registration and sample collection. Collect your saliva sample within the tube as per the instructions provided.

Submit your sample

Use the envelope provided in the kit to return the tube to us. Ensure both the consent form and registration have been completed.

Access your report

Once we receive the sample, we'll analyze it within 4 to 6 weeks. Access your report easily via our GeneLife app.

Go beyond your report

Wellness app, powered by genetics

Enhance your DNA journey by discovering and accessing your genetic results on your smartphone. Based on the genetic test kit you purchase, you will be able to access your results and information easily.

Let GeneLife Generations take you on a personal journey through time to discover your unique ethnic mix and learn where your ancestors lived generations ago!


GeneLife Generations Kit Disclaimer

GeneLife is actively involved in genetic research and development across multiple domains and has been collaborating in joint research with the National Genetics Institute in Japan for more than three years. This test kit has been specifically developed for Asian populations, unveiling the ethnic origins and migration paths of your ancestors. Multiple sources of research and information have been reviewed and compiled in developing the content featured in this report. As research and science evolves continuously, content might be updated and refreshed on a regular basis. This does not necessarily mean that the customer’s DNA has been changed, rather it should remain the same for the whole life. For some Y-DNA haplogroups, the migration information is less concordant compared to mtDNA haplogroup and migration routes. The prediction on place of origin, period time and distribution of the reported haplogroup are based on sources and current research and may vary based on advancement of research.