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After long effort, GeneLife® was granted by Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information(CPIGI)to provide genetic test for consumer. CPIGI Certification was granted to company complying with CPIGI requirements.

CPIGI will be fair and mutual perspective to review the corporate for complying with the standard of individual genetic information handling (also known as CPIGI standard of handling) and providing completed and correct genetic test services. Once the corporate is certificated, CPIGI will provide certification mark as recognition.

We have acquired CPIGI certifications for following genetic testing services.
Genelife Myself2.0 (Self-analysis genetic testing).
Genelife Diet related genetic testing.
Genelife Skin aging related genetic testing.
Genelife Metabolic syndrome-related genetic testing.

The purpose of this certification is to enable everyone in general to select accurate and appropriate genetic testing services from the technical, ethical, legal and social aspects.

Our services use this certification as fundamental to build our business to serve you.

Hereafter, please continue and thank you for using GeneLife products and services.